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            C-22F,Tiley Central Plaza, No.3 Haide Road, nanshan,Shenzhen.


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            International Exchange
                    公司與眾多世界級的專業國際糧商,如ADM、CBH、Glencore、Cargill、Concodia、Marubeni、Columbia Grain、Gavilon、Graincorp、Scoular、Ameropa等及美國小麥協會、澳大利亞商務處/貿易委員會、加拿大小麥局等國際農業推廣機構保持著長期、緊密、友好的合作關系。每年定期聯合外商及國際機構在國內舉辦新品種推廣會或多次國際行情講座,預測未來的大宗谷物及飼料市場行情走勢,以期給終端用戶提供最合理化的采購建議;同時每年定期組團到海外主要糧食產區實地考察、學習,積極帶領業界同仁走出去,將國際上的優質而高性價比的谷物品種,向國內加工企業推廣。
            We maintain a long-term, close and friendly business relationship with numerous international and professional grain trading companies such as ADM, CBH, Glencore, Cargill, Concodia,  Marubeni, Columbia Grain,Gavilon, Graincorp, Scoular and Ameropa, as well as international agriculture promotion organizations such as US Wheat Associate, Australian Consulate General /Austrade and Canadian Wheat Board. Every year F&D joins hands with international businessmen and organizations to hold new commodity promotion seminars or international market information symposiums in China on a regular basis. In these events, outlook on future grain and feed raw material is predicted in the hope of providing the most reasonable purchase solutions for endusers. Besides, every year it regularly organizes delegations participating in crop tour in major grain production countries. It takes an active part in guiding the industry to the world and promoting grain commodities high cost performance commodities from overseas to domestic processors.