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            C-22F,Tiley Central Plaza, No.3 Haide Road, nanshan,Shenzhen.


            公司介紹 您的位置:首頁-> 公司介紹




                    福加德公司堅持穩健經營主業的同時不斷謀求企業新發展,先后發起成立廣州市福加德面粉有限公司、香港福加德實業有限公司、PSW Hay LLC,致力發展成為一家集糧食貿易、加工、倉儲、物流、投融資服務為一體的,具有綜合服務功能的集團企業。
                    福加德公司秉承 “德”、“才”兼備的企業文化,打造了一支專業且敬業的團隊。公司總部下設六個部門,分別在上海、香港、美國、天津設有企業或分支機構。公司總部座落在美麗的深圳市南山區后海之濱,以開放誠信的姿態面向香港,面向全球。


            Founded in the year of 2000, Shenzhen Four Gardener Grain Co., Ltd., (F&D) is a private enterprise which integrates grain trading, processing and investment. Over the past ten years, F&D has enjoyed a high reputation among the grain industry. It is the director unit in many domestic well-known industry associations such as China National Association of Grain Sector, Guangdong Provincial Association of Grain Sector and Guangdong Flour Industry Association. As one of the earliest private grain trade enterprises for importing and exporting after China joined the WTO and signed the agriculture agreement,F&D has been taking the lead in importing wheat in Panamax vessels by coordinating and combining different miller’s demand together . It is the bond and bridge among domestic wheat production areas, international suppliers and domestic grain processors.
            Constantly pursuing its further development while stably focusing on its main businesses, F&D has successively established Guangzhou Four Gardener Flour Co.,Ltd, Hong Kong Four Gardener Industrial Co., Ltd and PSW Hay LLC. It is committed to developing into a group enterprise which integrates grain trading, processing, storage, logistics and investment.

            F&D has followed the corporate culture of having both “virtues” and “talents”

            and built a professional and devoted team. The company has six departments and sets branch companies or representative offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, America and Tianjin.
            The company’s headquarter is located at the beautiful seashore of Houhai, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. It embraces Hong Kong and the world with an open and honest gesture.