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            C-22F,Tiley Central Plaza, No.3 Haide Road, nanshan,Shenzhen.


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            PSW Hay LLC
                    PSW Hay是中國在海外建立的第一家,也是目前唯一的1家民營中資苜蓿草捆壓縮工廠。于2011年在美國注冊成立, 2011.9.30獲得輸華全部手續,開始出口苜蓿草到中國,干草年生產能力大約為80,000公噸。目前能生產兩種捆量類型:25kg/捆,480kg/捆。
                   目前國內奶牛養殖規模在迅速擴大,苜蓿草使用量也在迅速增加,依賴性也不斷增加,優質的苜蓿草已經成為一種重要的資源性產品。為爭取主動,PSW Hay在美國苜蓿草的地頭一線采購、加工并出口回中國,從源頭上掌握第一手資源,保障供應。
                   PSW Hay已經建立了完善的全程質量管理系統,從田間的生產收割→質量驗收→倉庫存放→生產二次質量控制裝箱出口,進行全程全面的質量管理, 從PSW Hay出產的每一捆草都具有條形碼身分證識別信息,包括:種植者信息、干草生產時間、存放地點及種植土地的農藥使用記錄等信息,確保其全過程安全可追溯,以保證顧客得到最佳品質的最安全的苜蓿干草。
                    好草意味著好牛奶!在食品安全問題日趨嚴峻的今天,PSW Hay致力于為中國牧場提供優質安全的苜蓿干草。
            PSW Hay is the first and only Chinese private-owned alfalfa compressing factory established abroad. It’s registered and set up in America in 2011. On September 30, 2011, PSW Hay went through all export procedures and started exporting alfalfa to China. The annual hay compressing capacity is about 80,000 MT. At present, it produces two kinds of bales: 25kg/bale and 480kg/bale.
            •          Currently domestic cow breeding is quickly expanding, which results in the bigger consumption of and greater dependence on alfafa hay. High quality alfalfa hay has become an important resource product. In order to take the initiative, PSW purchases alfafay hay directly from US farmers and exported to China after compressing. By doing so, we can control the first hand resources and ensure stable and qualified supply.

            PSW Hay has established a sound whole-process management system. It conducts a  whole-process and comprehensive quality control from harvesting from the fields, quality inspection, warehouse storage, second time quality control after compressing to loading into containers for export. Every single bale of alfalfa hay delivered by PSW Hay is identified by a barcode including information such as planters, production date of hay, place of storage, the usage records of pesticide in the fields. By doing so, the whole process is traceable so that our customers can get the best and safest alfalfa.

            •          Better alfalfa hay means higher quality milk! Today, as the food safety problem is getting more and more severe, PSW Hay is committed to providing safe and qualified alfalfa hay to China’s dairy cow farms .